Best services to
meet your needs

Best services to
meet your needs
About our approach
My name is Anna and I am a Chief Marketing Officer of DataFolks development company.

I think that time — is the most valuable resource for successful people. Therefore, we pay special attention to optimizing your time. DataFolks company develops high-quality software for web and mobile services of any level of complexity.

Individual analytical approach to each project and a proven team of professionals - these are the resources that allow us to create a high-quality web or mobile application.
VR & AR, Web and mobile development
Our areas of expertise
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VR & AR headsets we work with
HTC Vive PRO, Oculus Rift S, Samsung HMD Odyssey
Oculus Rift and HTC Vive advanced imaging solutions combined with their accurate tracking system and low latency video content create a sense of real presence in the digital world
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Microsoft Hololens & Hololens 2, Magic Leap
Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap augmented Reality goggles allow you to create a mixed reality by overlaying virtual objects on existing ones.
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We create solutions tailored to your industry:
Literally anything else..
Real Estate
Medical AR and VR applications provide amazing visualization of the anatomical structure of the human body.
Technologies of virtual reality in a special way influences human thinking. They improve the perception of information and increase the speed of learning.
Development of VR applications is a great way to engage a potential consumer in the interaction with the brand.
Digitize your object, apartment or the whole building with modern virtual reality technology.
We are ready for complex tasks. Just share your ideas with us and we will make them happen.
Creating a fully immersive experience for your viewers
We approach each VR project from both visual and sensory aspects
Virtual reality technologies we work with
Unreal Engine is the game engine attributed to being behind the majority of high end, high powered games with exceptional graphics and features overall.

Unreal Engine boosts state of the art development tools covering every single aspect of three dimensional gaming.
Unity is one of the most popular game development tools to date. Unity provides the best value for an extremely advanced game development engine.

With excellent editing tools easily extended via plug-ins, this platform supports a surprising high range of asset formats.
Diversified virtual reality solutions
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Ready-to-use Turn-Key AR box packages:
AR for product labels
Virtual show room
AR for events
Real Estate AR
AR for printed products
Making the label interactive — 4 units of interactive content to the label of your product. Add interactive links to go to the site or click to share on social networks.
Animate a catalog or magazine — The application adds 4 units of interactive content to your directory. These can be videos, animated images, advertising banners or interactive links.
We will prepare an augmented reality presentation for houses, apartments, workspace for rent or for sale. Or create a comfy place that your customers will visit for fun!
An animated character of your company or an advertising person. Users take pictures with your character and share photos on social networks.
Give people the opportunity to make a purchase in your virtual store. Show your goods on the shelf. The price includes the creation of 1 location and filling it with 10 units of content.
AR headsets we work with
Microsoft Hololens & Hololens 2, Magic Leap
Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap augmented Reality goggles allow you to create a mixed reality by overlaying virtual objects on existing ones.
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Augmented Reality

Technology that allows you to place additional objects and visualize information in the real world around you in real time.
Augmented reality platforms we work with:
We develop revolutionary augmented reality applications for iOS 11 that use built-in cameras, processors and motion sensors of iPhones and iPad with Apple's latest AR platform.
We use Google's newest AR platform — ARCore to create engaging augmented reality apps for Android, including; interactive maps, shopping apps and more.
Vuforia has been around for quite some time now and is quite robust.Our Augmented reality app developers & AR game developers use this SDK to create advanced AR apps for a broad range of mobile and tablet devices including iPhone and iPad.
Layar SDK
The browser makes use of the following: accelerometers, built-in cameras, compasses, and GPS. These are used together to identify the user's location and field of view. From the geographical position. The various forms of data are laid over the camera view like inserting an additional layer.

Diversified augmented reality solutions
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We create web solutions that works:
Landing Page
Marketing Support
Info Site
Company Website
A one-pager with the main goal — to maximize the convertion from leads to customers.
Multi-page website for updating information about a company, advertising a brand, selling goods or services on the Internet.
A one-page website for your company to be represented online with the lowest possible budgetary expenses.
Multi-page website for the sale of goods through the world wide web with a basket, catalog, and payments processing.
Search engine optimization, social media management, AdWords, email-marketing and everything you need to promote your business.
Agency in numbers
Offices in Chicago, London, and Moscow
Team members wordwide
Operating since
How we doing it
Website structure should be designed by marketing specialists. We believe that the site should be effective. That's how it should work in 4 easy steps:
Grabbing the Attention
First, we attract the attention of the visitors to your offer. Showing main features of the product.
Maintaining the Interest
Recitation of your advantages, describing the processes, revealing the product details.
Building Trust

Revealing the main information about the business and team. Providing references and social proofs.
Call to Action

Closing the deal. This marketing instrument inevitabely increases the number of new customers.
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Development Stages
Project Analysis
Technical Specification Preparation
App Prototype Development
Application Design Approval
Developing Process
Application test and bug fix
Android and iOS
Apps Development

The DataFolks development team offers the creation of applications for the iPhone, iPad, tailored to individual business requirements. We carry out development for iOS and Android in accordance with the marketing policies of our customers companies. Get advice from DF managers. You will understand whether you need a mobile application, and which application you need for Android or iOS. To leave a request to create an applications for the iPhone, you will receive a ready-made solution for business automation, and for a specified period of time — The finished application.
The DataFolks development company creates mobile apps for the iPhone and the iPad on the iOS platform that can solve complex business problems.
For more than 7 years, our development company has been offering mobile application development services for Android that can help with your project development.
We develop solutions using wireless beacon markers that communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Beacon technologies are actively used in the retail, hospitality industry (HoReCa), airports, and railway stations.
In solving a number of complex business problems, our mobile applications use radio frequency identification of objects.
RFID is a technology that reads information from small devices (RFID tags), for identifying and tracking objects.
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