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Recent VR and AR projects
VR Interactive Platform
With the help of our platform, it is possible to transfer to a modern house with an area of 600 м2 in just a few seconds.

This interactive platform was designed for the exposition "Modern life in a wooden house: environmental friendliness, safety, beauty" and with the help of VR-glasses allowed visitors to: see the real size of the room, irtually walk through all the rooms, evaluate the advantages of the project and planning, walk in the yard, explore every corner of the house — and feel like its real owner.
The "One River Point" App
The app was developed for visualization of buildings of elite property class located in Miami. Before the intercalation of this app into the workflow of the company, sales managers had been traveling with a metal suitcase in which a prefab physical layout of the building was kept. Now they simply direct the smartphone on their business card and get a possibility to sell anywhere.
PaulArt AR
We created a real interactive DJ BOX based on the painting, which contains 24 squares so that people can make a melody by themselves. 24 tracks for each of the squares in the picture were written by well-known DJ TYOMA.

The average time of interaction with the picture rocketed to incredible few minutes, attracted a tremendous number of people and even caused queues for the exhibit. The painting was successfully exhibited in New York, as well as in the popular gallery of contemporary art in the Hamptons.
ArtAR is our little startup connected with the intercalation of augmented reality in contemporary art. Presently we have made 5 AR experiences in the framework of this project. Pictures with our augmented reality were exhibited in Belgium and the USA (Los Angeles, New York). One of the pictures is in a private collection in the Hamptons at the moment. Furthermore, we received feedback from Banksy himself (one of our partner artists is his friend and consultant).
AR app "Kikoriki"
AR experience for notebook with "Kikoriki" on its cover. It presents work on the character 3d-model and character animations, as well as a creative approach to such a basic thing as a school notebook.
Shoe Gallery Miami Sneaker AR
The project was designed for the most popular sneakers store in Miami, which is trying to make technology be a part of its brand, as well as to help purchasers to choose the right sneakers faster via decreasing the number of requests to the store consultants. An excellent example of a functional AR that helps to run a business.
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